July 20, 2015

You Can Never Have Too Many Notebooks

I have this little obsession with notebooks... It's kind of a writer thing, I suppose. But I have a thing for really pretty, fanciful notebooks. 

My favorite Paris notebook.
I actually have two of this one. My friend, Hannah, gifted me one, and my former roomie, Elise, gifted me the other. One is full and the other is half full.

I found the company that makes my beloved Paris notebook, and they have TONS of other options. And I basically want to own them all.

These are some of my other favorites:

"Ideas" notebook "Reading" notebook
New York notebook

"Adventure" notebook "Open Road" notebook

And this is the notebook my Secret Sister sent in the first package. It's absolutely gorgeous. I haven't written in it yet - partly because I'm still using the second Paris notebook and partly because I want to leave it blank for as long as possible.

Do you love pretty notebooks, too? Are you ever reluctant to write in them? I am - only because I don't want to mar the clean, blank pages. (But I eventually get over that when I have a great story idea.) If you're a writer, do you have any other obsessions - maybe cool pens, or writing apps, or something else?


  1. All those notebooks are gorgeous! I personally have a need for the right pen, being flowy enough, not too wet not too dry, the rights types of colors, grip, everything like that...

  2. I love pretty notebooks, but most of my manuscripts are just in plain school notebooks because the pretty ones are EXPENSIVE. And then I don't want to write in the pretty ones because I want to save them for something special. The exception is the small notebooks I use for writing poetry and such, which I get cheap at craft stores and don't really mind filling with random notes and stuff.

  3. I am obsessed with pens, markers, and writing utensils of all kinds... and notebooks too. Basically, anything paper-related. I do think it's a writer thing ;)


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