July 10, 2015

Random Friday: Fun Facts About Me

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1. My due date was July 10th, but I wasn't born until nearly a week later because, as my mom puts it, "I was quite comfortable and didn't feel like changing things." Story of my life.

2. I want to collect French editions of several of my favorite YA books.

3. I often forget how short I am unless I'm talking to someone very tall or I look at pictures of myself with average-sized or tall people.

4. I hate bugs and therefore do not participate in many outdoor activities or go outside unless I have to.

5. I spend a surprising amount of time trying to convince my friends they should come to Asbury (and not just to visit me).

6. I work at my university's athletic center, even though I'm not athletic in the slightest.

7. I wish I could draw. And sing. And dance.

8. When I'm a published author and (hopefully) going on tour, I will try to convince my publisher to let me make stops in Virginia, Kentucky, and Illinois.

9. There are a lot of hyped books I dislike.

10. Whenever my friends say, "I was so tan!" or "I'm so tan!" I like to respond with, "I'm so pale!"

11. While I love most of the songs from 1989, my recent fave that I can't stop listening to is "Out Of The Woods."

12. I have vague loyalty to the Chicago Cubs only because my father would disown me if I didn't.

13. I want to dress up as Kestrel from The Winner's Curse for Halloween some year.

14. I never eat my cereal with milk.

15. I want to get married in winter, solely so I can wear a cloak.

16. Thanks to my art history prof, I never want to see another Renaissance painting as long as I live.

So that's 16 very random (and hopefully) fun facts about me. Share some facts about you in a blog post or in the comments below, please!

1 comment:

  1. #15. Yes. This is awesome. You should do that and you should send me pictures. :D
    (Also, I would probably do the same thing . . . except also maybe not because I'd be equally happy to get married in a LOTR dress or steampunk outfit or something like that . . . it'll depend what my feelings are when I actually get married!)


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