February 19, 2016

Emma Does a Bookish Ask

Recently, I was scrolling through Tumblr, trying to find post ideas because I was seriously low on ideas. It occurred to me that I could take one of those ask memes - specifically a bookish one - and use it for a post. The one I found originated here, I think. Now, ordinarily on Tumblr, I would reblog the post and people could go to my ask box and choose numbers and I'd answer. But obviously, we're going to do this a little differently. I'm going to answer any that I feel like answering. If y'all want me to answer the rest, just leave that number in the comments and I'll do my best to reply!

1: Currently reading

2: Describe the last scene you read in as few words as possible. No character names or title.
A noblewoman has deep compassion for her townspeople. She wants to help them even when they are sick, but a young knight shows her it would be unwise to expose herself to the illness.

3: First book that had a major influence on you

4: Quick, you're in desperate need of a fake name. What character name do you think of first?
Kat Bishop. And she's already a thief so I'd say it's meant to be.

5: Favorite series and why
Lol, you think I can choose one, that's so cute. Um, but really, I love the Heist Society trilogy and The Lunar Chronicles and The Naturals series.

6: Public library or personal library?
I'm forever grateful that public libraries exist, but my personal library is in better shape and it's not germy and I never have to worry about who touched the books before me. Also, no due dates.

7: What is the most important part of a book, in your opinion?
The plot. A book can't exist if nothing happens. Of course, characters are very important, too, but I can't stand a book where absolutely nothing happens.

8: Why are you reading the book you're currently reading?

9: If you were to publish a book what (besides your real name) would you use for your author name?
I'd maybe use my middle name as my surname? It could pass as one.

10: Do you listen to music when you read? Make a mini playlist for one of your favorite books.
Hmm, 75% of the time. It depends on my mood.

11: What book fandom do you affiliate yourself with the most?
The Hunger Games fandom.

12: Tell one book story or memory (what you were wearing when you were reading something, someone saw you cry in public, you threw a book across the room and broke a window, etc.)
My copy of Queen of Shadows arrived a couple days after the release date, and I had a meeting with a professor about an hour after I picked it up from the mailroom. So I sat and read until it was time for the meeting, and then I brought this humongous book to the meeting, and my professor wasn't surprised at all.

13: What character would be your best friend in real life?
No idea, but I want to be BFFs with Lara Jean Covey, Emily (Since You've Been Gone), and Paige Hancock.

14: Favorite item of book merch

15: Post a shelfie.

16: Rant about anything book related
I don't understand how so many people like Red Queen. It was so cliche and nothing new or interesting to me. Its cover isn't even that stunning.

17: What do you think about movie/tv adaptations?
I don't think all books needs them or are made to have them, but if they're done well, I love them.

18: Favorite booktuber(s)
I don't watch book vlogs.

19: Book that you call your child.
Lol, I only say that about the ones I write.

20: A character you like but you really, really shouldn't.

21: Do you loan your books?
Very tentatively and only to certain people. I trust a few of my BFFs (Kelly, Kate, Elise) to take good care of them, but I don't trust most people, especially because a friend's former roomie bent the cover of Princess Academy and the dust jacket for Unhinged

22: A movie or tv show you wish would have been a book

23: Did your family or friends influence you to read when you were younger?
Oh totally. My parents started reading to me when I was a baby and just kept it up as I got older. My mom read to me when I was in elementary school, too; it was just something we did together.

24: First book(s) you remember being obsessed with
Hmm...maybe The Baby-Sitters Club series? I was in elementary school when I read those for the first time.

25: A book that you think about and you cringe because of how terrible it was
The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls. I was hoping for another Mother-Daughter Book Club. Not even close.

26: Do you read from recommendations or whatever book catches your eye?
Usually the latter, although the former can influence my interest in a book.

27: How/where do you purchase your books?
I used to get them all from Read Between the Lynes and Barnes & Noble. Now, since I don't live near the former and I'm a broke college student, I use Amazon a lot. But I also support Joseph-Beth Booksellers and Barnes & Noble and The Fountain Bookstore (here in Richmond, VA) however I can. 

28: An ending you wish you could change

29: Favorite female protagonist.
First one that comes to mind is Kestrel from The Winner's Curse.

30: One book everyone should read
I'm reluctant to answer this because of that "everyone" because I know reading tastes can be so radically different. But I'm very tempted to say The Start of Me and You.

31: Do you day dream about your favorite books? If so, share one fantasy you have about them.

32: OTP or NoTP?
Lol, so many OTPs. Paige and Max from The Start of Me and You. Nikolai and Alina from The Grisha trilogy. Kat and Hale from the Heist Society trilogy. Chaol and Celaena from the Throne of Glass series. Emily and Frank from Since You've Been Gone. Meira and Theron from the Snow Like Ashes trilogy.
NoTPs include Meira and Mather, Celaena and Rowan, and Alina and the Darkling.

33: Cute and fluffy or dramatic and deadly?
Nnnnhhhhhhhhh. As long as it's good cute and fluffy, I'll take that any day. I do love dramatic and deadly though.

34: Scariest book you ever read
As much as I love The Naturals series, I refuse to read them right before bed or if I'm alone. That's how intense they are.

35: What do you think of Ebooks
They're cool! Outrageously over-priced, though. If I'm paying that much for a book, I'd much rather have a physical copy that I can feel and admire and that doesn't run out of battery.

36: Unpopular opinions
I don't think a beat-up book is necessarily a loved book (my babies must be pristine and look barely used). I'm not a big fan of a bunch of swearing (I will accept a few words, but it's too gratuitous these days) or sexual content in books. (Like, give me all the kisses, hand-holding, and hugging, but please, nothing more.) I hate when authors won't leave a world after they've written a full series set in it.

37: A book you are scared is not going to be all you hoped it would be
When We Collided by Emery Lord, The Winner's Kiss by Marie Rutkoski, Traitor Angels by Anne Blankman, and The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson.

38: What qualities do you find annoying in a character?
When they think cheating is okay. When they act unnecessarily immature or stupid, even for a teenager.

39: Favorite villain
Here's the thing - I'm not a villain person. I'm that person that thinks Loki is a strong character but doesn't actually like him. I abhor the Darkling. I find most villains rather annoying and can't understand how people love them beyond their value as opposition to the protagonist. But my favorite well-formed villain is President Snow.

40: Has there ever been a book you wish you could un-read?
I feel like you could put a positive spin on this question, and I certainly would if that had been the first thought that popped into my head. Unfortunately, I immediately thought of Twilight. I wish I could scour that one from my brain.

So for the questions I didn't answer...ask away, and feel free to do this bookish ask on your own blog!

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  1. Ok, I kind of want to do this now. :D
    Also, your answer to #12 is awesome. And I just got a plot bunny for a story in which a bunch of bookish spies go in to do . . . something? . . . and they all use book characters as code names.
    I agree that I want my books to look nice and pretty and pristine . . . but I don't mind books that are kind of beat up either, if I'm buying them used. And the condition of the books I buy used will not deteriorate further if I can help it . . . but whether it was loved or abused before, it'll be loved now. :D


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