February 10, 2016

Now That It's Over: Round 3 of Secret Sister

Round three of OTSP Secret Sister is now over, and I'm kind of sad! I'm participating in round four of course, but I had so much fun this fall. I loved being Roxanne's Secret Sister, and my Secret Sister sent such creative presents.

Roxanne loves Halloween and Game of Thrones, so I had the most fun with the boxes for October and November. I picked out her first two Pop! Funkos (Freddy Krueger and Jon Snow), sent tons of Halloween candy, and found the coolest (in my opinion) Game of Thrones stuff on Etsy. I also had a lot of fun putting together her Christmas box because Christmas is my favorite holiday so I went all out - an ornament, cookies, a mix CD, candy, and a quote jar. She guessed who I was shortly before Christmas, which meant I could put my name on everything after that. I wasn't trying super hard to keep it a secret, so it was fun to openly tweet her as her Secret Sister.

My Secret Sister was Veronica a.k.a. @talkingbookworm. The whole time, she pretended to be Lorelai Gilmore, which was the best thing ever since I got into Gilmore Girls this summer.
She started off the third round with a finished copy of a book I've wanted for a long time (Better off Friends) and candy.
For September, she sent a back-to-school box with pens, notebooks, and snacks. Since I had gone back to school, she also sent a e-book copy of Jubilee Manor.
October's box was bookish and adorable. She rounded out my paperback collection of The Lunar Chronicles with Cinder, a notebook, a Paris bookmark (that I've loved using), notecards, and a Barnes & Noble giftcard.
Then, for November, Veronica sent The Fault in Our Stars on DVD, popcorn, a movie-themed bookmark, cocoa, and best of all, a Modcloth gift certificate. I used the gift certificate in December to get the coolest booties.
My Christmas present from her was two sets of bookmarks and The Polar Express DVD and Veronica Mars movie, both of which I very much wanted.
Finally, she closed round 3 in January with Paris notecards, a Chick-fil-A giftcard, a little notepad, an ARC of Love Fortunes and Other Disasters, and Passenger by Alexandra Bracken which I am so excited to read.

She was an absolutely amazing Secret Sister. I really felt like I got to know her, even though I didn't know who she was until the end of January. She prayed for me and I felt like she really cared about me. Whenever a package arrived, I couldn't help but smile.

Round four has started now, so pay attention to my Twitter to see what my new Secret Sis sends and to see what else I have to say this round. :)

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