February 7, 2016

When I Was Little, I Read

Ok, maybe I also went to school and played. But I read a lot. And I reread a lot.

I read picture books when I was a toddler, of course, but the main series that stick out in my memory from that time period is...



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Did y'all read any of these when you were little?

Eventually, I graduated to chapter books and my mom read a lot of books to me, too. She read the entire Little House on the Prairie series and the first few of the Chronicles of Narnia books (in publication order, obviously).

I remember these abridged versions of many of the classics; we got them at Dollar General or something and I think I found them on the Internet but the covers don't look quite right, so I'm not sure. I'm not even sure if we still own them. I hope we do, because they introduced me to books such as Little Women and Anne of Green Gables when I was five and six, long before I was old enough to comprehend the original writing.

There are so many books I remember from my childhood. I'm just going to make a list below, for y'all's benefit.
The Baby-sitters Club series (My faves were totally Stacey, Jessi, and Mary Anne.)
the American Girl books (The last girl's books I read was Rebecca, when I was admittedly out of the target age range.)
the Orphan Train Children books
Winnie the Horse Gentler series (I checked them out of the church library so many times.)

So what did you read when you were little? Did your parents read to you? I didn't even include all the books my mom read to me. I'm so grateful, though, that she instilled a love for reading in me.


  1. When I was a kid reading was also my main activity. When I was eight, I remember being super excited because I was finally going to get a library card. That’s the kind of bookish kid I was XD I wasn't as familiar with English as I'm now so the books I read as a child were mostly French ones. One of my favorites was the Nancy Drew series although in French the series was renamed Alice.


  2. I remember a lot of these books. :) I read every single Boxcar Children book out there . . . and all the Magic Tree House series (and kept reading them for a while after I passed the target age, 'cause my sister would get them and I'd steal them from her so I could see what was going on). And The Cricket in Times Square- I actually read all the sequels/prequels as well. :D

  3. This is making me oh so nostalgic for the books I read when I was younger. Definitely Little House on the Prairie, Babysitters Club, Boxcar Children, Ella Enchanted and so many more. There's just so much out there!

  4. A lot of the books you listed are ones I love! The Berenstain Bears, The Nancy Drew Notebooks (All ND book, to be honest!), The Baby-Sitters club books (Kristy and Claudia were my favorites!), The Boxcar children, Ella Enchanted, American Girl books, Junie B. Jones, and Winnie the Horse Gentler books were (And still are) favorites! :)

    My Mom definitely read to me! And we still read Picture Books together for fun! :)


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