November 25, 2016

Random Friday: What I'm Thankful For

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Happy belated Thanksgiving to my American readers! Right now I'm probably binging Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life or at Best Buy in an eternal line, getting my new phone (two years is a long time to endure only 8 gbs of storage, y'all). But here's what I'm especially thankful for this year.
  • New friends and old friends.
  • Hamilton. 
  • Taylor Swift. Even though she's left us music-less this fall.
  • All the wonderful authors out there who keep producing beautiful words.
  • All the opportunities I've had so far this school year.
  • My parents, for continuing to provide me with an education and for supporting my aspirations.
  • The time I had with Sunny, even though I selfishly wanted more.
  • The end of my writer's block and the new book I've been working on.
  • Joseph-Beth Booksellers. I've said this before, but I walk in and I'm home.
  • That God blessed me with such a deep love for books.
  • Pumpkin spice lattes (but only when they're decaf and from Starbucks).
  • Fuzzy blankets, stars, donuts, boots, and pretty dresses.

And now let the Christmas music begin. (Well, openly. I've been listening to it since November 1st.)

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