November 5, 2016

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

If you're attuned to the Gilmore Girls fandom at all, you'd know that, a couple years ago, a guy came up with a list of all 339 books referenced in Gilmore Girls. As an avid reader, I decided it was time I take that challenge...but with some modifications.

First of all, some of the "books" referenced are really the movie adaptation like The Yearling and Bambi. So I didn't include those.
Second, I wasn't going to include any books that had been seen on bookshelves in bookstore/library scenes. Those are not true references, in my opinion, nor do they necessarily have Rory Gilmore's stamp of approval.
Third, I was a bit picky and tried not to include many books seen in Sookie's or Luke's homes, just because I wasn't sure those counted.

I found a pretty solid set of Goodreads lists, compiled by a girl named Amanda. If you scroll down to where it showed who voted, you can click on her name and see why she added each book to the lists. I used her lists to compile my spreadsheet of 219 books.

(Basically me right now.)

The good news is, I've already read 22 off the list. That means only 197 more to go. Which is still going to be a great feat. I'm going to pace myself, though. Maybe aim for one or two a month, especially since I have a lot of YA I want to read (and, if you remember my post from a few weeks ago, I want to try more memoirs). 

I would like to note that I'm not sure yet if my spreadsheet is complete. The lists on Goodreads mention several books on a Banned Books poster in Rory and Paris's dorm/apartment the last few seasons. I hesitated to include those because it's not a direct in-series reference. However, I included books that were spotted on Rory's bookshelves or that she was purchasing. Do y'all think the books on that poster count? And let me know if you've attempted this challenge, too! I'm happy to email my spreadsheet to anyone who wants it.

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