November 12, 2016

Writing Prompt #11

This is another writing prompt from my creative writing class. We had to read the novella Train Dreams and the class after we finished it, my prof started us with a prompt inspired by the novella. Basically, she told us to write something inspired by the title and it could go wherever we wanted it to. My piece is very vague, I know, and it's not really finished. Anyways, hope you enjoy and, if you use this prompt, feel free to let me know what you wrote about!

Margot. She heard her name rustle through the air over and over in time with the clack of the train wheels against the rails. Stepping out the door, she left the car with green wallpaper and plush red seats. The wind rushed around her, shoving her back into the doorframe. She could still hear the voices, whoever they belonged to, chanting her name.
Behind her, the train was empty and the lights were dim. She wondered if the other passengers were in their…what were they called? Bedroom cars? Sleeping chambers? She couldn’t remember if she had one.
Margot. Whispery air trickled down her spine. Goosebumps rose all over her skin, and she wiped sweaty palms on a dress she was sure she hadn’t been wearing only seconds before. What had happened to her favorite jeans?
She stepped across the shaky divide between train cars and pushed against the other door. It opened only after she exerted great effort. This car was empty of people, but rows of crates lined the aisle. She peered at labels as she passed, but they were all in a different language. Something from Eastern Europe, she thought.
Margot. She quickened her steps. The voices were chasing her.

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