August 8, 2017

Bookshelf Tag

Time for another book tag! I got this one from Cait at Paper Fury, although I know she wasn't the original blogger to do this.

Describe your bookshelf and where it came from:
Well, I have five... 

Those three are from IKEA; the middle one is my most recent acquisition.

I have no clue where my parents got this one from.

And this one's from Target. It partially serves as my nightstand; that's why the top left shelf is so empty. It holds the books I'm currently reading and planning to read very soon, plus my bookmarks.

How do you organize your books?
Since I have so many differently-sized bookcases, my system is a little weird. The first two bookcases hold all my YA books in alphabetical order by author's last name (and then chronological publishing order), plus the ARCs I keep. The third bookcase (the black one) holds my Heather Vogel Frederick books, Harry Potter books, library books, ARCs I have yet to read and some I'm holding onto for a giveaway, and then coffee table books. The fourth bookcase holds my special Word Cloud Classics editions, middle grade books, classics, and French editions. And then the fifth one holds books by authors I really like (or have a lot of books by). You can see my Ally Carter, Emery Lord, Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer, and Jennifer E. Smith collections. In a perfect world, though, most of these books would be on my main bookcases, but I'm trying to conserve space.

What's the thickest/biggest book on your shelves?
It's a close competition between The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and Les Miserables.

What's the thinnest book on your shelves?
Betsy-Tacy, although another book I own is shorter (but they must've used thicker paper).

Is there a birthday gift book on your shelves?
Yup! I beg my parents for books as gifts. Here's some I received last year (since I'm scheduling this post before my birthday this year), also featuring a lovely notebook one of my dearest friends gifted me.

Is there a book from a friend on your shelves?
You'd be surprised how few books my friends give me (mostly because they have no clue what I own, and they're nervous about giving me something I already have - true story, courtesy of Mary-Courtney), but here's one Kate gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

Most expensive book?
My first instinct was one of the books I bought from France (by themselves, they were a little cheaper than normal YA books in the U.S., but shipping was insane), but then I remembered my giant history of fashion book was expensive. I bought it for a project, and it proved useful, so I guess it was worth it.

The last book I read on my shelf?
Well, this isn't gonna be super accurate to when the post actually goes up, but the most recent physical copy of a book I read from my own shelves when writing this post was...

Do you have more than one copy of a book?
In a few cases. I have two copies of Sense and Sensibility. I have foreign editions for several of my books. I have tons of ARCs and finished copies. But here are three books I have an ARC, a hardback, and a paperback for (and if they ever publish these in French, you'd better believe I'll acquire those copies, too): 

Do you have a complete series?
A few! I have a lot of complete trilogies, but here are two longer series: 

Newest addition to your shelves:
Once again, this won't be super accurate, but as of writing this post, it was Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali!

Most recently published book on your shelves:
I can kind of cheat with this one, haha. I have an ARC of The Authentics, which comes out today!

The oldest book on your shelves:
Most of my books are new copies or fairly new at least. But I found a copy of Little House on the Prairie from the 1970s at a library sale; it's actually on a bookcase downstairs, but I say it counts.

A book you won?
I've been fortunate to win a few. I won A Study in Charlotte from the author, so it's personalized. ^.^

A book you'd hate to let out of your sight?
Considering I'm separated from 2/3 of my book collection for 9 months of the year, I get by a little better than you'd expect. But my copy of The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You is always at school or home with me.

A book that doesn't belong to you?
Hello, current library stack:

A book with a special/different cover?
My French copy of Heist Society is SPARKLY.

A book that is your favorite color?
I have a few different favorite colors, but as a loyal Slytherin, I'm going to show off some mostly-green covers:

A signed book?
I'm lucky to have a lot of signed books, but here's one of my favorite personalizations:
(Jasmine says I'm the best, but, really, she is.)

If you want to do this book tag, go for it! 


  1. This is one of my favorites of all of your posts. 😊

  2. Ok but that Heist Society cover is fabulous. And I'm super jealous of you, having five bookshelves! (I have two, and I'm going to get another one soon . . . are the IKEA bookshelves good? sturdy? reasonably priced?)

    1. They're semi-sturdy. The first white one is sturdier than the second. It was more expensive than the second one which was like...$150, I think? They're not fun to put together, though, and you have to be absolutely certain with the first one that you put the anchor shelves in the right places; otherwise, you get shelves of unequal heights, which can screw everything up.


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