August 23, 2017

Why I Love Heist Society

I read Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series first. I didn't think I would like her Heist Society trilogy. Boy, was I wrong.

Even now, four and a half years after reading the books for the first time, Heist Society is still one of my favorite series, and the first book is probably in my top ten all-time favorites (although that list is hard to pin down because I love a lot of books).

So why do I love this trilogy so much?

1. Katarina "Kat" Bishop
Her stubborn tendencies, her desire to play hero and do good, her feelings and the actions they cause when it comes to Hale, her intelligence...Kat is just all around fun and great.

2. Hale
This boy. HALE. He's swoonworthy and funny and caring. We still have no clue what the W.'s in his name stand for (and it's gonna drive me crazy until Ally deigns to reveal the answer), but he is so much fun and way better than 99% of the other guys in YA books.

3. The family
Most of them take some getting used to (not Simon or Kat's dad, though), and there are few women (something Kat brings up several times), but they are a barrel of fun, especially in Perfect Scoundrels.

4. Just how elaborate and well-thought out the heists are
I'm not going to spoil anything for y'all, but Kat is really good at withholding information from the readers (the third-person narration helps), and Ally has created some great heists that are complex and beat every hurdle in the way.

5. The different con names
Some of my favorites include Mary Poppins (which apparently requires rain), Princess Bride (needs a six-fingered man), Wind in the Willows, and Anne Boleyn.

6. The rereadability
I know I brought up this reason in my last Why I Love post, but it's just as valid here. Even though you know how the book will end, it's just as fun to go on the journey again, especially because I sometimes forget the little details that make the heists what they are.

So what are you waiting for? Buy and read the Heist Society trilogy and join the rest of us in praying that book four will come sooner rather than later (Ally has said it'll happen; she just has other projects at the moment).


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