July 20, 2018

Random Friday: Journaling

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I have a lot of journal-type notebooks, but I tend to use them for writing my novels as opposed to journaling. But this past fall, I took up journaling, just to have a place to put down and process my thoughts and moods.

I'm not very good at journaling, truth be told. I was good at keeping up with it at the beginning, writing every few days. But I've had several long spells in the last six months where I just don't write. And it's not like stuff isn't happening, but I've kind of lost my taste for it. On the other hand, I still want a record of my thoughts and feelings during different stages of my life.

I know bullet journaling is big, but I don't think it's something that appeals to me. As much as I love organization and structure, I chafe at it sometimes. Probably why I have more pantser tendencies than plotter tendencies, when it comes to writing. (Although I recognize the merits of outlining and I've started using a few techniques.)


I guess this is just my shout into the void - does anyone else journal? Do you have any tips so that I remember to write a little more often? I don't see the need to do it every day or even every other day, but at least once a week would be nice. I have a lot more free time these days, but journaling is the thing that's still fallen to the wayside.

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