July 6, 2018

Random Friday: Social Media

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My relationship with social media is up and down. I have accounts on most of the mainstream apps/sites, but my use of those fluctuates. What's interesting is that I used to use most of them a lot more when I first joined as opposed to now.

I joined back in...2013, I think? Maybe 2012. I used to be embarrassingly active on it, and I played Castleville and other dumb games. Now I mainly just check my newsfeed for big life updates from people and the like. Except my newsfeed feels like it's clogged with more ads and "___ liked this" than anything else.

I've long said Twitter is my favorite, but I think that may be changing. I have a bunch of followers but hardly get any interaction. Plus, it's started to stress me out. I took a hiatus back in March/April, just for my mental health.

The algorithm is the freaking worst, and I wish they'd let everyone opt out of it and go back to chronological feeds, if we wished to. But I love pictures, and I even follow a few Corgi and bakery accounts.

Let's be real, I'm never leaving Tumblr.

I don't like some of the layout changes they've made lately, but I still like it all right. I go through periods where I pin a bunch and periods where I forget to even check my notifications and messages.

Eh, I mainly use this to communicate with friends. I get more views on my Instagram stories than my Snapchat stories, so I tend to prefer that.

Probably the one I'm still most active on, apart from Tumblr? I'm not sure if this really counts as social media, but I love, love, love having a way to organize my books, despite all of Goodreads's flaws.

So, how do you use social media? What's your favorite? Least favorite? One you'll never use?

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