October 22, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I'd Give Different Titles To

Some books' titles are just...bleh. They're too derivative, or they don't express the content of the book well enough. And I get how hard choosing a book title is, but I also know that it's often an editorial or publisher choice so...some titles should be better. For this post, I don't necessarily have a better title in mind. I just know that the book needs one. And also please know that I did enjoy the vast majority of these books despite their need for better titles. ;)

We're all very over the "of __ and ____" trend.

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I just...it doesn't quite express the book's contents well enough, though it gets points for a lovely cover.

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Sarah Dessen's titles are all fairly generic, but this one takes the cream of the crop. Saint Anything is probably her best title.

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I know this one isn't even out yet, but the fact that it's SO similar to the title of the first book in the companion duology...it's just kinda uncreative.

Once again, a bit generic.

I loved the idea of The Winner's Curse and The Winner's Crime, but this one only fits because of the hard c sound. It makes this final book in the trilogy sound like more of a romance than a fantasy novel with a literal war.

I adore Kasie's books, but this one (and its companion sequel in number eight) needs a better title. The list part of the title is very important, but the rest only fit because of the alliteration.

40139204. sy475
Same as number seven.

I haven't read this one (yet), but the title reveals absolutely nothing about the contents except maybe that it's gonna be a super literary book. We'll see. (If my library would ever get a copy!) Update: I finally got to read this book, but yeah, the title still doesn't work.

We are also very over the __ & ___ trend. (She says even though that's the title of one of her novels.)

So what book titles would you change?


  1. 1. Literally any epic fantasy/sci-fi novel with a title that makes it sound like a romance book.
    2. Literally any primary-romance book with a title that makes it sound like an epic fantasy.

    There. Done. Half my bookish problems solved, just like that. xD

  2. I'm tired of the "of_ and _" trend, too.

    My TTT.


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