January 6, 2016

Rewind to 2015: Books I Acquired

Y'all remember how I thought I acquired a lot of books in 2014? Well, I topped that number by November of 2015.

Yeah, that's right. I acquired over 200 books, which is crazy since in 2014 I had a ton of graduation money and went to a ton of book events. In 2015, I only went to four author events. I guess I just bought a ton of books this year. I also joined OTSP Secret Sister, and so I was usually receiving a couple books a month. But ready for the number?


That number should be even more accurate than last year's since I didn't skip any Rewind & Review posts, and I'm doubtful I left any books off.

I did trade and give away a lot of my ARCs, though, which cleared a giant chunk of my shelves. I also got a giant new bookcase, so everything fits and it doesn't look like I have an overwhelming number of books. Except... I may be running out of bookshelf space again. Meep.

Here are some of my favorite books I acquired this past year.


(From my favorite of the author events I attended this year. I'd show off my signed copies of Emery Lord's books, but those are at school.)

(I finally acquired a copy of Cruel Beauty with its lovely foil stamp.)

(Both The Archived books in hardcover loveliness. The Archived is signed.)

(I acquired all three of these ARCS this year in trades. I feel so lucky.)

(And I got these, too. ORS is signed, but I didn't have TSOMAY when I went to the event so it's, unfortunately, not signed. Now I've just gotta keep praying and trying for an ARC of When We Collided.)

(The Girl from Everywhere was my first 2016 release acquisition, and it's signed and personalized. *feels fancy* Double Down is one of my most-anticipated releases of 2016, so it was very exciting when I won an ARC from Switch Press.)

So what were your favorite books you acquired last year? Do you know how many you acquired?

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