January 5, 2016

Rewind to 2015: Reading Stats

It's time to talk about my reading stats of 2015. This post took a lot of work, but it's worth it, even if I'm the only person who cares.

Number of Books Read
(including DNFs and some rereads)
(not including DNFs and rereads)

Pages Read
(rereads and DNFs not included)
According to Goodreads, I read 96,526 pages.

Longest and Shortest Books
(rereads not included)
Longest: Winter by Marissa Meyer (827 pages)
Shortest: Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman (144 pages)

Number of Books Read by Genre
(rereads not included; DNFs included)
Contemporary: 116 books
Fantasy: 27 books
Historical Fiction: 41 books
Science Fiction: 18 books
Futuristic: 12 books
Mystery/Thriller: 27 books
Middle Grade: 30 books
Other (paranormal, magical realism, classic, Christian, etc): 29 books
Well, I knew contemporary would still be king, but I like seeing how the other genres have jumped around. Fantasy's total plunged, but historical fiction jumped way up, as did mystery/thrillers and middle grade. 

Number of Books Read by Rating
(rereads not included)
5 stars: 6 books
4.5 stars: 14 books
4 stars: 86 books
3.5 stars: 35 books
3 stars: 84 books
2.5 stars: 19 books
2 stars: 29 books
1 star: 4 books
DNF: 19 books
Well. My five-star book total went waaaaayyyyy down. That may be, in part, because I included half star ratings in this year's post. I didn't last year, even though I gave books half-star ratings. Ah, well. C'est la vie. I hope I read more five-star books in 2016.

Average Rating per Genre
(rereads not included)
Contemporary: 2.95/3 stars (Ouch. That number really dropped. I read a lot of 2.5-star contemporary books this year. I think one of my goals for 2016 is to be more selective with the contemporary YA fic I read.)
Fantasy: 3.4 stars (This stayed the same at least.)
Historical Fiction: 3.3 stars (Went down a teeny bit, but I think that's because I read a ton more historical fic and of course I wasn't going to love all of them.)
Science Fiction: 3.1 stars
Futuristic: 3.2 stars
Mystery/Thriller: 3.4 stars (This one went up!)
Middle Grade: 3.2 stars (This one went up too!)
Other: 2.9 stars
My overall Goodreads rating was 3.3 stars, and I thought that seemed quite low, but looking at these totals, it was probably pretty accurate, unfortunately. Here's to being more selective in 2016 so my overall rating will be higher!

Number of Books Read by Publisher
(rereads and DNFs not included)
Bloomsbury: 15 books
Disney-Hyperion: 23 books
Harlequin Teen: 4 books
HarperCollins: 63 books
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: 4 books
Little, Brown & Co.: 13 books
Macmillan: 30 books
Penguin: 41 books
Random House: 11 books
Scholastic: 14 books
Simon & Schuster: 20 books
Sourcebooks: 10 books
Other: 34 books
I want to know why HarperCollins and its various imprints publish so many books because 63 is only a percentage of what they publish. Wow. Also, props to Penguin for jumping to the #2 spot. I owe that to the study abroad series I discovered that they published years ago.

Number of Books Reviewed
74 books! Not as many as last year, but still - that's a lot.

Number of Books I Read by Diverse Authors
(authors were included multiple times if I read more than one book by them; rereads not included)
32 books by diverse authors; as a percentage of my overall reads, that's rather shabby, but I definitely think it's more than I've read in past years and I want that number to be even bigger in 2016.

Books Read Per Month
(including some rereads; also, I go by when I started the book not when I finished it)
January: 35
February: 28
March: 33
April: 28
May: 42
June: 39
July: 29
August: 16
September: 27
October: 27
November: 18
December: 25
Average: 28.9, so 29 books was my average apparently. I think that's only thanks to the five months where I read 29+ books.

August was low because that's when classes started, so I was still getting into the swing of things. November was a quiet month because I had so much due for my classes. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I read so much in May and June because I was home and had no responsibilities except for my summer class and packing for the move.

Lol, I love how, when I did my Rewind to 2014 reading stats post, I said I was sure I wouldn't read as many books in 2015 and then I read even more than I did in 2014. I started my Goodreads reading challenge at 150 but upped it to 250 partway through the year. And then I met that goal in, like, November? It was slow progress after that, though, since November and the first two weeks of December were incredibly busy for me. But I can't wait to see what my reading in 2016 holds!

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