January 7, 2016

Rewind to 2015: Favorite Blog Posts

I've been thinking about this post series and why it's now a thing I do. I've decided it's because I'm an extremely nostalgic person who loves history and vintage things and memories (as long as they're not memories that make me cringe). So that explains why I did Rewind to 2014 and why I'm doing Rewind to 2015.

And now, today, I'll be talking about favorite blog posts - both my own and other bloggers.


January: Top Ten Tuesday: Books I'd Pick for the Mother-Daughter Book Club (a tribute to one of my favorite series)
February: Sixteen 2016 Reads (just as fun as Fifteen 2015 Reads)
March: Interview with Jenn Marie Thorne (I got to do so many author interviews this year, but interviewing the author of one of my Fifteen 2015 Reads picks was a great honor. Jenn also wins for one of the classiest author photos of all time.)
April: So You Like... #12 (AGENT CARTER LOVE)
May: It's Not a Man (I got to express my hope for Supergirl, and as a sidenote, I've really enjoyed it so far.)
July: From the Bookshelf to the Kitchen: Chai Sugar Cookies (a Taylor Swift/Lara Jean Covey recipe) and So You Like... #16 (where I paired Broadway musicals and books)
August: So You Like... #17 (all the books you should read if you like Veronica Mars) and Top Ten Tuesday: The Syllabus of Saving the World 101 (all the reading if I taught a college-level course)
September: The Final Sixteen 2016 Reads (I got to do four of these posts total, but it was kind of bittersweet to do this last one. Still, I'll get to start talking about 2017 releases very soon!)
October: Dear Taylor: Thanks for the Memories (What happens when I go to a Taylor Swift concert)
November: Professor Emma Teaches YA Heroines in History (Two of my favorite things: history and books. This new series is all thanks to that Top Ten Tuesday post from August.)
December: YA Historical Fiction of 2016 is Squad Goals (I raved about YA historical fiction) and Merry Christmas to the Book Characters: It's a Trilogy (I love these posts so much)


Are We Out Of The Woods Yet? at The Perpetual Page-Turner
All of Lili's The Intern Diaries posts at Lili's Reflections
All of Nori's Sweet and Sassy Sixteeners posts at ReadWriteLove28

So what blog posts did you love this year?

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