June 9, 2016

2016 Has Not Been My Year, Book-wise

Usually I have a good mix of hit, miss, or in between books every year. But I've noticed, by and large, that I haven't enjoyed nearly as many books in 2016 as I have in previous years. 

As of writing this post in mid-May, I had given five books five stars.
I'd DNFed seven.
I didn't have any one-star reads, but I had a fine supply of two-star reads and even more three-star reads. If I had it my way, I'd want all the books I read to be worthy of four or five stars with the occasional three stars in there. 

That total just feels dismal, though. Not to mention, as you'll see in an upcoming post, a good portion of my Sixteen 2016 Reads haven't been as good as I hoped.

I've been wondering what the problem is.
Am I becoming too picky?
Are my expectations too high?
Is the quality of YA fiction going down?

Am I outgrowing YA?
(That thought made me really nervous, not gonna lie.)

I can't figure it out. I wish I had an answer, one that I could share that was a magical cure for book slumps. 
The good news is, few of my rereads have let me down this year. So I can count on those to keep me going. And here's hoping the second half of 2016 picks up, and I'm blown away by almost every book I read.

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  1. You're not alone- not only has 2016 not had a lot of new releases that I'm excited about, a lot of the books I have been excited about have disappointed me. Thankfully, I've been able to catch up on some of my TBR list and that's made up for it to a degree.


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