June 24, 2016

Random Friday: Weird Holidays

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There are some really weird holidays out there, just saying. My favorites, though, are the national food holidays that happen pretty much every day. (I had a habit of wishing my chapel buddy this past semester a "Happy [insert whatever food day it was] day.")

Today, for example, is National Pralines Day.

Which is completely random. (Trust me, I Googled it to see if there's an historic reason for it. There's not.)

And my birthday, July 16th, is National Corn Fritters Day.

Don't get me wrong - there are some that make sense.
February 14th is Creme-Filled Chocolates Day, February 22nd is Cherry Pie Day, October 31st is Candy Apple Day, and December 24th is Egg Nog Day.

But I want to know who got to determine all these random food days. Who got to decide that the second week in November is Split Pea Soup Week, or that October 15th is Chicken Cacciatore Day? I'd like that job, I think.

So what weird holidays have attracted your attention? What food day is your birthday? You can use this generator to find out.

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  1. I may or may not end up doing a post for this later today. *may or may not have forgotten about Random Fridays this week* *oops*
    That being said, for about two or three months my family was keeping up with some guy's food holiday blog, where he had a food holiday literally every day, but he just made them up himself and posted online to see if he could get them to catch on.


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