March 13, 2017

The Chapter Sampler Test Part 5

Here's part five in the series, and the sequel to the post from a few weeks ago. Seven books this time, and five of them are middle grade. I added a ton from a potential Newbery list to my TBR last fall, and since none of them won the Newbery, I think they might be on the chopping block. But these samplers will help me decide.

The beginning was not auspicious in the slightest. It didn't even feature the main character mentioned in the synopsis on Goodreads. I culled this one.
The Blazing Star by Imani Josey
Definitely still interested. I like the protagonist's voice and the narration is good so far.

Paper Wishes by Lois Sepahban
As important as this story is, I couldn't connect with the narrator's voice.
This is one of the MGs I thought looked interesting from the Newbery list, but the sampler isn't that appealing.

The Left-Handed Fate by Kate Milford
Wasn't feeling it.
Wish by Barbara O'Connor
Strong voice, interesting main character. It's staying.
Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
The tone is a bit too straightforward and narrator-y to me, if that makes sense.

Well. I'm just cutting books left and right. At least my TBR list is looking a little shorter.

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