March 4, 2017

Writing Prompt #14

So the following bit of writing didn't have a real prompt, per se (I kind of ignored my prof's real prompt, oops), but I think I can kind of make one up for y'all.

Prompt: Make the first paragraph to your story about something your character hates, and why they hate it.

Nora hated snow. If it hadn't snowed February 9, 2007, nothing bad would have happened. Her mom and dad wouldn't have died. She wouldn't be in foster care. She'd know where her little sister was. Most of all, she never would have been in the wrong place at the wrong time on April 17, 2015.

I don't entirely know where I was going with that tiny piece of writing, but I'd like to maybe pursue it for a future workshop piece. We'll see.

If you use this prompt, please let me know what you wrote about! I love to hear how writing prompts inspire others.

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