August 10, 2018

Random Friday: Movies I've Seen More Than Once in Theaters

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I enjoy going to the movie theater, but I usually only see a film once, then wait til it's out on DVD and I can pay once to watch it multiple times. But there have been a few movies I've actually seen more than once in theaters, for various reasons.

Night at the Museum 2 poster.jpg
1. Night at the Museum 2
I don't remember the exact details, but I'm pretty sure my parents and I saw it around opening weekend and then, a few weeks later, my mom and I were looking for something to do, so we went and saw it again. (Which we could do cause the theater we went to at the time charged only $4 for tickets; I miss those days.)

Monsters University poster 3.jpg
2. Monsters University
I remember I went opening weekend with a friend because our other plans got rained out. Then, towards the end of the summer, my friends and I were out to lunch and we wanted something to do after and that was the only movie we could agree on.

A big white round inflatable health robot assistant.
3. Big Hero 6
It was the first movie I saw in theaters with friends from Asbury, and then over Thanksgiving, my family was in town and my little cousins hadn't seen it yet, so I went with them and my uncle.

Wonder Woman (2017 film).jpg
4. Wonder Woman
I saw it opening weekend and then right before going back to school. Best way to bookend my summer.

Thor Ragnarok poster.jpg
5. Thor: Ragnarok
Mary-Courtney and I needed something to do while she was visiting me over Christmas break, and even though we'd both already seen it...we went again. 

Black Panther film poster.jpg
6. Black Panther
Three times, my friends. Once on opening weekend, once with my mom over spring break, and once with Elise after break. Cause why not?

So what movies have you seen multiple times in theaters?

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