August 23, 2018

Why I Love All Four Stars

The latest post in my "why I love such-and-such book" series is all about a deliciously adorable middle grade novel.

1. All the food
Gladys doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She cooks and bakes (or schemes to, since she's not allowed to for most of the book). She loves to learn about new foods and spices, and she has acquired impeccable taste for someone so young.

2. The food critic plot
I love, love, love middle grade and YA protagonists who want to do something different, and Gladys's foray into the food critic world is such fun.

3. Gladys's aunt, Lydia
I love supportive relatives, and Lydia is the best. She introduces Gladys to so many things and never doubts her niece. (Her role gets bigger later in the series.)

4. The book that gave me hope
So, for a while there, I thought I was starting to outgrow middle grade. I'd had a couple titles in a row to review back in 2014, and the preteen slang and inane plots drove me up a wall. But All Four Stars is everything I could ever want out of middle grade fiction (and I would've loved it when I was in the target audience, too). So now, while some MG still lets me down, I kept trying because of All Four Stars.

So what are you waiting for? Read All Four Stars and maybe you'll give it all five stars like I did. ;) It's great for people who love Ratatouille and Masterchef Junior.

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