December 13, 2018

Exploring New York 2018 and 2019

I've explored my new city a lot, and yet, there's still so much to see! This post is going to be about all the "touristy" things I've done, and then the ones I hope to do. (And I'm super open to suggestions.)

What I've Done

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Many times, although there's still more to see. I've also been to the Cloisters branch, and it's so beautiful.

2. The Frick Collection
Even though it was super packed, I'm glad I did one of their Free Friday evenings, and I did it with two lovely friends to boot.

3. Morgan Library and Museum
All the books.

4. Bryant Park
Small, lovely, near work, and adjacent to the New York Public Library's Mid-Manhattan branch.

5. Chelsea Market
I've gone three times, and there's still so much to try.

6. Riverside Park
Where the end scene of You've Got Mail was filmed. I want to go again. <3

7. All the Broadway shows
There's still several I want to see (and a few I want to see again...)

8. Albertine Bookshop
It's French! And in an old mansion!

9. New York Historical Society
I went and explored the whole museum one Saturday, and then went again for the special Harry Potter exhibition.

10. the High Line
I walked a teeny part of it on a Sunday morning, so it wasn't too inundated with tourists yet.

11. Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Lacking a bit, since it was fall and parts of it were under construction, but it was still lovely and it'll be worth a second visit.

12. 9/11 Memorial and St. Paul's Chapel
Very sobering. 

13. Trinity Church graveyard

Bucket List

1. Go back to Ellis Island
My family visited in 2008, but I was a smol preteen whose memory sucked.

2. Properly explore Central Park.
I've been to the zoo and walked across the park a couple times, but I haven't seen the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, and apparently there's something called the Wisteria Pergola and a Literary Walk and a Shakespeare Garden??

3. Tenement Museum
I wanted to go to this back in 2008, but we couldn't fit it in.

4. Hamilton Grange National Memorial
I mean, obviously.

5. Brooklyn Historical Society
I've been to the New York one, and I think it would be nice to visit the one just for my borough.

6. a cat cafe
These always seem so cool. And I miss animals a lot.

7. all the food places
Likes Pies 'n' Thighs in Brooklyn.

What places do you want to explore where you live? Any New York suggestions?

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