December 6, 2018

The Cake-Flavored Book Tag

Here's another book tag I got from the lovely CG over at Paper Fury! I usually prefer pie over cake, but there are a few types I love, and I dreamt about them while doing this tag.

Chocolate - A dark book you absolutely love.
Picture credit: Southern Living.

It's a toss-up between Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake and A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis.

Vanilla - A light read.
Picture credit: Country Living.

Oh, I have so many choices for this one, but I'll limit myself to three, haha.
The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo
From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon
P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

Red Velvet - A book that gave you mixed emotions.
Picture credit: Taste of Home.

I'm choosing The Winner's Curse trilogy because the world-building is cool, and I love Kestrel, but I really don't like the romance.

Cheesecake - A book you would recommend to anyone.
Picture credit: Tennessee Cheesecake.

Okay, this is hard because I know not everyone likes every genre (I don't!), but the book I love to recommend most is Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills. It's one of my favorite books ever.
I'm not sure if die-hard fantasy lovers would enjoy it, but I think it's magical so... *insert shrugging emoji*

Coffee Cake - A book you started but never finished.

Picture credit: King Arthur Flour.

I've gotten pretty good at DNFing, if I'm being honest, so this wasn't a hard category to choose a book for. A recent DNF was Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton. 
I do hope to pick it back up soon and try again, but I have other books to get to first.

Carrot Cake - A book with great writing.

Picture credit: The Little Epicurean.

I, like CG, am confused about how this prompt and carrot cake go together. Don't get me wrong - carrot cake can be kinda good, especially if there aren't any nuts or raisins in it, but it's not the best cake.
However, the book I'm choosing is very good:
The Light Between Worlds by Laura E. Weymouth

Tiramisu - A book that left you wanting more.

Picture credit: Baking a Moment.

I'm sure I should be taking this prompt in a positive way, but all I can think about is a recent read that was kinda meh and felt half-baked.
I was very sad I didn't love What If It's Us because it should've been a hit.

Cupcakes - A series with 4+ books.

Picture credit: Sally's Baking Addiction.

Well, if we're talking a favorite, it will forever and always be Gallagher Girls.

Fruit Cake - A book that wasn't what you anticipated.

Picture credit: Joy of Baking.

A book that was better than I anticipated:
Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

A book that didn't live up to my expectations:
Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Go forth and do the cake-flavored tag yourself now!

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