February 22, 2019

Random Friday: Favorite Royalty

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For quite some time, I've had a quiet fascination with royal families. I would always read about them on Wikipedia every few months, and now I follow a few "fan blogs" on Tumblr that keep me much more up to date. So I figured I'd take a Random Friday post to list some of the royals I find most interesting. :)

Image result for princess charlotte and prince george 2018
1. Princess Charlotte and Prince George
She is such a perfect cinnamon roll, with so much energy and spirit, and I appreciate his sensitivity and how William and Catherine seem to be letting him be quieter and less in the public eye.

Image result for crown prince frederik and crown princess mary
2. The Danish Crown Prince Couple
They just seem so elegant and put-together and like they'll be good for the country (not that Frederik's mother has been bad for Denmark).

3. The Swedish Crown Princess Family
Crown Princess Victoria's journey is very inspiring. Plus her kiddos are precious.

4. Lady Jane Grey
If we're talking historical royals, I find the Nine Days' Queen absolutely fascinating. (Which is only helped by the YA book, My Lady Jane.)

Which royal figures fascinate you? Which do you want to learn more about? I want to learn more about basically any royal family outside of Europe (historically and currently).

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