February 4, 2019

Tips for Making More Time for Reading

I know I've talked about this topic before, but it's always relevant. So here's what you have to do to read more books. Because, let's face it: we're never going to be able to read every book ever, but why shouldn't we try our hardest?

1. Utilize your commute.
Find a way to read or listen to an audiobook on your way to work or school. I have a relatively short commute to work at the moment, but I still take advantage of every second. I've found it's most comfortable to read e-books on my phone since I'm on the subway and I'd have to put an actual book away a bit sooner before my stop whereas I can just drop my phone in my bag or pocket. It means I usually get a steady 40 minutes of reading in each day as opposed to none, so I'll take it.

2. Watch less TV.
I know. There are so many good TV shows out there (I'm addicted to several!), but if you really want to read more, you've gotta prioritize it over television. I have to keep reminding myself of this all the time when I'm rewatching something for the five-millionth time. Do you really need to watch the latest Riverdale episode? Or another episode of House Hunters that's basically the same as the others? Maybe just watch one episode instead of several.

3. Read during meals.
If you can get away with it (a.k.a. you live alone or don't have to socialize at the breakfast/dinner table), read while you eat. If family/friend time at dinner is important, try to read at lunch, especially if you need some quiet time away from your coworkers.

4. Put down your phone
Unless you're using it to read a book of course! I personally find myself scrolling through social media way too often. I'm not even usually conversing with anyone, just reading posts I don't care about. Honestly, I'd probably read so much more if I stopped refreshing Twitter and Tumblr every two seconds.

5. Never sleep
If all else fails, you can sleep when you're dead. After all, there are so many books and we're never going to be able to read them all. But maybe we can read just a few more if we cut out something so unnecessary as sleep. ;)

Do you have any tips to help others read more books?

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