October 14, 2014

Fall 2014 Classes

So I've shown you my dorm room and the campus, introduced you to my roommate, and mentioned my classes and other things on several occasions. But I bet y'all are wondering what classes I'm specifically taking. Maybe you also want to know more about them?

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I have...

Understanding Old Testament
This semester (and next for that matter), I'm taking a lot of foundational courses, and this is one of them. Although I highly enjoy the New Testament, I love the history and heroes of the Old Testament. Plus, my professor is totally open to questions and discussion.

Theory of Wellness (only on Wednesdays)
This is a required 1-credit course. It's basic fitness and what-not, and I can't say I like it. I'm not an athletic person and I don't like sports. But once it's out of the way, at least I'll get to take a semi-fun physical education course (leaning towards archery or beginning horseback riding).

Intro to Literature
This class easily has my favorite professor. He taught the creative writing class I sat in on when I visited in April 2013. That class is largely why I chose to come here. I don't like studying lit in general (I hate analyzing writing), but he's made the class bearable at least. Plus, my classmates are pretty awesome, and it's a class about books, so...

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have...

Intro to Business
This is one of my electives, and I'm taking it since I want to work in the publishing industry. I feel already like I understand the business world better. Plus, there have been some good discussions in class.

Concepts of Math and Technology
The foundational math class I chose to take. Absolutely hate it, but it's math, so what else is new? My ACT score got me out of remedial, but I wish it would've gotten me out of this class as well.

Engaging Liberal Arts (on Tuesdays once a month)
This is a required first semester class, and I have it with my entire orientation group. We're reading a book all semester and discussing it and writing a couple papers.

So that's it for my classes. None are particularly exciting. Hopefully, I'll get some of those my sophomore year. As for next semester's classes...well, you'll just have to wait and see.


  1. YOU CAN TAKE ARCHERY OR HORSEBACK RIDING? Officially jealous. That's amazing. In good ole Florida, our physical classes consist of golf, tennis, self-defense, some other fitness classes (even boot camp or Zumba, ha! Which doesn't include the non-credit fitness classes) and for an extra fee, scuba diving. I'd LOVE to have archery or horseback riding.

    Okay, after my squeal about that, as a fellow college student, it was fun to see what you're taking and exactly how you feel about them and what it's all about! Taking a Christian/Bible class would be interesting.

    Are you already looking for Spring classes? My registration opens up in early November so I'm researching (but probably one of the only ones to do so since I love researching classes).

    1. We had to register super early because they're switching programs/servers for pretty much all of the campus data. So my spring schedule is pretty much set. I'll likely be taking 18 credits, as long as my GPA this fall is above a 2.75.
      And yes, I love looking at all the class options! That's what made me change my minor. I was looking at the history class options and geeking out.


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