October 25, 2014

You Might Be a Book Blogger

So you're a blogger. And you're wondering if you're a book blogger because you have absolutely no clue! (That statement is loaded with sarcasm, in case that wasn't conveyed since this is the Internet.) Well here are 12 ways you can tell for certain that you're a book blogger.

1. If you regularly read books at least a month before the majority of the country/world can read them.
"What? How is that even possible???" you may be asking. Well, some book bloggers get finished copies, but most of us get handy-dandy ARCs. Which leads me to...

2. If you know what ARC, DNF, TBR, BEA, ALA, and other acronyms stand for.

3. If you are more critical of books you read for fun.
Once you become a book blogger and fall into the groove of reviewing, it's easy to find more faults in your old favorites or just any book you read, even if it's not for review. It happens.

4. If you have been to at least a handful of author events.
I know several book bloggers live too far from major cities, but I'd say 95% of book bloggers have been to at least one event. (I have been to 6.)

5. If you regularly talk to authors or publicists on Twitter.
In this day and age, it's so easy to tweet an author your question or strike up a conversation with them or a publicist. And that's pretty darn awesome.

6. If you know how to send a review request.
Some bloggers only request e-galleys. And that's awesome. That's your way of sending a review request! But others send email requests to publishers, which is pretty daunting.

7. If you get really excited for cover reveal week.

8. If you learn to schedule posts months in advance.
*raises hand sheepishly* This is me. I get meme posts scheduled months in advance, and I try to get reviews done at least a month before they'll be posted. Plus, now that I'm in college, it's a real time-saver. I just work on posts whenever I have time.

9. If you do book haul posts/videos.
I do both! It's a fun way to thank publishers and fellow bloggers for the books they send you, and I also like talking about recent buys.

10. If you understand that ARCs, while technically free, are not actually free.
That's probably a bit confusing, so let me break it down for you. Bloggers do not have to pay for ARCs. ARCs are not for sale. But they do cost publishers money to produce, and it's expected that a blogger try their hardest to review any galley they get, as a thank you to the publisher.

11. If you know how to use NetGalley and/or Edelweiss.
I started out using NetGalley and joined Edelweiss back in January. I like that so many books go up on EW, but I've found it's easier to get approved on NG. (I seriously think some publishers just don't like me...)

12. If you always excitedly check the mail to see if you've received any bookish packages.

Voila. 12 ways to tell if you're a book blogger or not.


  1. I . . . am probably not a book blogger. *shrugs*

  2. I don't read enough to be a book blogger. :P I love all these gifs!


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