October 20, 2014

Surviving Dystopian Worlds

There was a day back in August when I was reading The Murder Complex. I noticed just how violent the world was, and that got me thinking about dystopian and futuristic worlds. Would I survive any? I don't have much faith in myself, so I'm saying probably not. But let's go world by world, and I'll tell you what I think my chances are.

The Murder Complex (by Lindsay Cummings)
Since this was the book that sparked this post, I figured I should start with it. Would I survive? I'd say there's a 99% chance I wouldn't. As much as I enjoy killing off characters, I'm not the type of person who could kill an actual person easily.

Divergent trilogy (by Veronica Roth)
I'd likely be Erudite or possibly Candor, so up until the events of the trilogy, I'd say my survival chances would be pretty high. I'm not sure I'd make it out of Allegiant (or even Insurgent) alive, though.

The Hunger Games trilogy (by Suzanne Collins)
If I was thrown into the arena, I definitely wouldn't survive the blood-bath. Quizzes often place me in District 8, although heaven knows how accurate that is.

The Testing trilogy (by Joelle Charbonneau)
Would I survive the Testing itself? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. No.

The Lunar Chronicles (by Marissa Meyer)
There's letumosis and Lunars to contend with, so I think my chances are pretty low. We don't hear much about America in the books, so I'm not sure how Illinois is doing. But since I live close to a big city (well, when I'm in IL), chances are I'd probably be killed during the events of Scarlet.

Landry Park (by Bethany Hagen)
Would I be gentry or Rootless? I really have no idea. Thankfully, this is a world that wouldn't be too hard to survive in, as long as I was gentry.

Not a Drop to Drink (by Mindy McGinnis)
I'd either die from dehydration or someone would kill me in pursuit of my water supply. So, if this happens to our world, it was nice knowing y'all.

The Selection trilogy (by Kiera Cass)
I'd probably be a Three (or least, I hope I would be, because that's my skill set and I could be a writer), so I think I'd actually have a good chance of surviving in Illea.

So let's talk dystopian worlds. Are there any you think you'd survive in? Are your chances better than mine?


  1. Yeah, I probably wouldn't survive in a lot of those places...

  2. Like you, I think I'd survive pretty well in the world of Divergent until the book started. After that . . . it's iffy. Probably not, but I think I'd still have a chance.

    I doubt I'd survive the Hunger Games- I definitely couldn't kill anyone, and my food finding/catching skills are negligible at best. Though, if I managed to make a good alliance who could show me what to look for, I might live a little longer.

    In the Lunar Chronicles, I actually think I'd have a pretty good chance of survival as long as I didn't catch leutomosis. Like you, I do live near a big city, so I might not make it through Scarlet . . . but at the same time, I don't actually live in said big city, and I doubt I'd be out when it was going on. (I got the impression that the attacks were more focused on people out on the streets and in public spaces- I doubt that the soldiers would've taken time to break into houses when there were easier and more rewarding targets.)

    Like you, if I was in the Selection trilogy, I'd probably be a Three (that's where both my parents and I would fit best), though it would depend how long America had been Illea- if it went back to grandparents, my dad's side of the family would be Twos for military service. Either way, very good chance of survival.

    This is a really fun post idea- I may have to do one of these for fantasy worlds. :)

    1. Wait until the end of November - I'll be doing fantasy worlds then. ;)


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