October 24, 2014

Random Friday: Favorite Disney Characters

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I can talk about books all day. Y'all know that, I'm sure. But I can also talk about Disney movies and characters for several hours. I've already highlighted Disney in several Random Friday posts (Disney songs, Disney pictures, childhood memories), but I've never once fully discussed my favorite characters. Although I'm sure y'all can guess a few. Let's start with the obvious.

If you combine Belle and Anna (with perhaps a little Rapunzel and then Aurora for looks), you have me.  I love bookish Belle, and Anna is a kindred spirit.

Cinderella and Giselle will always rank in my top favorite princesses.  Cinderella has an admirable spirit (she suffers emotional abuse for years, and is still kind, humble, a dreamer, and a little bit sassy), and Giselle is so much fun.

As for princes, I really like Aladdin, the Beast, Kristoff, and...

Flynn Rider. :)

And Mike Wazowski!  Especially in Monsters University.

And finally, a favorite carrying over from my childhood...

Pooh Bear! :)

So who are your favorite Disney characters?


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