December 26, 2014

If You Take Me to a Bookstore

If you take me to a bookstore...

...I'll make a beeline for the YA section as soon as we're in the door.

...I'll methodically look at each shelf and smile to myself and sometimes do a book shimmy if I see a book I like or want to read.

...I may start to gather a large stack of books in my arms.'d better stick by my side because I'll want to show you certain books and fangirl over them.'ll want to play along by at least pretending to be excited about the book. Bonus points if you smell it.

...I will often find a spot to plop down and read.

...sometimes I might work up the courage to talk to others browsing the shelves. Perhaps they'll mention a book and I'll show them where it is, or I'll comment on the book they're looking at (only if I really liked it), or I'll recommend a book. But I'll only do any of those things if I know I won't bother them.

...and then I'll look over the shelves again.

...if I'm lucky and not completely broke, I'll be able to buy a few books after a few hours in the store.'re going to have a lot of trouble getting me to leave.

So if you're looking to make me happy or get on my good side, take me to a bookstore. I guarantee it can make any bad day I'm having better.


  1. I love this post so much :)

    It sounds just like me in a bookstore!

  2. I wish I had this kind of experience in a bookstore. Some parts are the same, like heading for the YA section right off, and wandering around to look at all the books. But I'd honestly rather browse on my own because if someone's with me, I'll feel rushed. And the only times I've plopped down to read in a bookstore have been when someone else is looking for something specific, and so we're actually there for a while and not just long enough for "Ok, Sarah, you can look at the books and if you find something you want you can get it, but we have other stores to get to so don't take too long."

  3. How fun! YA is my first stop when e-book shopping.


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