December 20, 2014

My Extra Special Collection

Let's talk about signed books. Up until I became a book blogger, I had a grand total of one. It was one of the Main Street books by Ann M. Martin. Then last fall, I started acquiring more and more through author events and giveaways. From my collection, eleven are just signed and twenty are personalized. Here are my personalized books.

And then here are the rest of my signed books. :)

I also thought it would be cool to take a look at signatures and personalizations.

I love that United We Spy says "happy spying," and Liz's signature in Ask Again Later is beautiful. Additionally, A.G. Howard's personalizations are so much fun. Splintered has "Down the rabbit hole..." and Unhinged has "Embrace the madness."
And now for more fun personalizations.

So do you have any signed books? Do you consider your signed book collection to be impressive? What do you think of these author's signatures?


  1. I'm pretty happy with my signed book collection. It's not as big as yours, but it's still cool. I have three signed Tales of Goldstone Wood, all of which are personalized- I can't remember how many have messages in them, but still. I also have four signed Bryan Davis books, all of which are personalized but have no message. Finally, both of my Alethea Kontis books are signed and they're SO PRETTY. There were only, like, three people at the signing, so Alethea did these pretty doodles all over the page and added a little message, and it's just lovely. <3
    My favorite two signatures on your books are the ones on United We Spy and Independent Study, mostly because of the messages.

    1. I love that story about the Alethea Kontis signing.

      And maybe someday you'll have a huge signed book collection! I've been fortunate to collect so many so quickly.

  2. I have some signed fantasy books, from an author I used to read a lot of. One author I like, Shannon Messenger, sends signed bookplates to her faraway readers who can't go to one of her book signing. I have two of those for her Keeper of the Lost Cities series.
    I love the way Elizabeth Eulberg signed Better Off Friends! Sooo sweet!

    1. Aw, that's so sweet of her.

    2. Random question: I'm thinking of reading Snow Like Ashes; what's the romance/language like?

    3. Romance is very clean. Language, I don't entirely remember. I think I remember the s-word? Not sure... Overall, I don't think there was an excess of it...

  3. I have a signed copy of Broken Hearts, too! Katie Finn/Morgan Matson is one of the writers I admire most, so I was over the moon to win one. My local Barnes & Noble has been selling signed copies of To All the Boys I've Loved Before so I couldn't resist snatching one up. In tenth grade, my school's book club went to see Rick Yancey speak and he signed my copy of the first Alfred Kropp book. I also have signed copies of middle grade books The Kingdom Keepers and Peter & the Secret of Rundoon.

    I might have one or two other signed children's books, but that collection is a rabbit hole all on its own.


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