March 23, 2016

Making Time for Reading

A few weeks ago, on World Book Day, I tweeted a few thoughts of mine about reading. It started off as my daily PSA that people should read. I'm going to quote my tweets below.

I wish every single person could read a book a day, but that's just not possible. We have busy lives and books are long and some people read more slowly than others. That last reason in particular isn't a problem at all. I am blessed to be able to read fast, but as long as you're reading, I don't care if it takes you a week to finish a book.

So many people in my own major (creative writing, which should be full of book lovers) say, "I wish I had as much time to read as you do." It's really hard to not laugh when they say that. As I said in my tweet above, I make time to read. I have as busy of a schedule as most college students, but I find little moments to read whenever I can.

I watch a lot of Netflix these days, y'all, which distracts me from reading. But I am trying to be better about reading a book if I've already watched an episode of something that day, and I'm trying to police my Internet use more.
I get my stuff ready the night before for classes so I'm ready to go early. Then I read in my dorm or head onto campus early and read while I wait for class. I'll read in the car even if it's a 5-minute drive (as long as I'm not driving), and I'll read for at least 5 minutes before bed. And, like I said in the second tweet, I can read while I'm at work since I have a receptionist-type job. So I do a lot of reading during my 9+ hours a week at work.

Ladies and gents, to sum up my final tweet from that thought process on Twitter, if you truly love books, you will make time to read. You'll spend less time on Tumblr or Pinterest or whatever social media site you favor. You'll give up TV a few nights a week, or you'll only watch one episode instead of three. If it's a series with 45-minute episodes, you'll have a whole extra hour and a half of reading time! You'll learn to prioritize what really matters. And sometimes you'd rather watch something mindless instead of reading, which is okay. If you get in a habit of reading, you can take breaks occasionally.

So, in conclusion, I don't "find time to read." I make time.

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  1. Yey! I love this post! I will admit I get frustrated when people ask me, "Wow how do you have so much time to read, you must have nothing else to do." I'm extremely busy and like you said, I make the time! I squeeze in a few minutes here and there when I can and it all adds up. If you really want to do it then you make the time. I have to watch my tv time as well. ;)


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