March 18, 2016

Random Friday: Bookmarks

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I don't know about y'all, but I love bookmarks. I refuse to dog-ear pages; in fact, if that's what you do, don't even tell me.
Anyways, I'm super picky about my bookmarks, though. I usually prefer the magnetic ones since they don't slip out easily but they've been known to rip my books' pages if I pull it or the book the wrong way. I have some classic long, tasseled bookmarks that I like too.

I'm in love with Happy Hello Art's magnetic bookmarks, designed to look like some of my favorite YA book characters. However, they sell out outrageously fast. (I should know; as of writing this post, I just bought the last Cath/Levi set and an Anna/St. Clair set.)

She also has a Nancy Drew bookmark, a Six of Crows set, two Throne of Glass sets, and two Lunar Chronicles sets.

Magnetic Bookmarks • Land of Tales 2
(I'd provide a link, but Jacin and Winter will probably be sold out before this post goes up.)

But my favorite magnetic bookmarks are probably these:

My mom bought them for me ages ago, and they're a little worn out now, but I still love them. I actually lost the little beret-wearing dog in Chicago back in 2013, so that tells you how long I've had them. My Secret Sister, Veronica, gave me the London set for Christmas and I love them, too.

So what type of bookmarks do you use? Do you have any favorites?


  1. I'm honestly not very picky about bookmarks . . . I have been known to use scraps of paper or yarn or whatever happens to be on hand. And most of my bookmarks are the flimsy paper sort that libraries and such hand out for free. But I have a leather bookmark that I really love, and two with beaded tassles. (All my magnetic bookmarks go in writing notebooks, though, 'cause those get carried around a lot more than normal books.)

    1. I've never thought of using bookmarks in notebooks before! My writing notebooks are pretty small, and it's not hard to find the next blank page, so I guess that's why I don't use bookmarks with my notebooks.


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