May 13, 2016

Random Friday: Pop! Funkos

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So there's been this recent craze (at least in the blogger community) for something called POP! Funkos, and I have admittedly contributed to the craze. They're sometimes bobbleheads, sometimes just figures. You can see the ones I had back in August in this picture:

See the Elsa and Lady Sif figures? Lady Sif is a bobblehead; Elsa isn't. Now I also have Captain America, Mockingjay Katniss, and Kristoff. Three-fifths of my acquisitions have been gifts. I only bought Katniss and Sif.

I know some people want to collect tons of them, but I'm a little more selective. Even if Funko makes them for several of my favorite movies/TV shows/whatever, I still pick and choose. (I'm still holding out for Gilmore Girls and Hamilton POPs and one of Taylor Swift.) But I love a ton of the Hunger Games POPs...

and the Disney Princesses...


and I think the POP I want most is...

(Obviously. Peggy Carter is GOALS.)

So do you like POP! Funkos? Are there any you want? What's your collection like?


  1. I was going to participate in this Random Friday, but forgot...

    I love collecting Pop! Funkos! I have a few, but my favorites are my mini Elsa, Anna, and Olaf set, and my Merida one! And the ones I most want? The Agent Carter one that you mentioned, and I really like the Mulan one they have, too! Though, I have to admit I think the Rapunzel one is neat, and I love the little Pascal that comes with it! :)

    1. I like the Mulan and Rapunzel ones, too. :)


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