May 1, 2016

Series I'll Never Finish

Are there ever series you start reading, fully released or not, and then you kind of feel burned out on them? That has happened all too often for me.

First up are The Lone City and Red Queen series.
Ok, so I didn't like either book when I first read them but I thought I'd stick with The Lone City trilogy to keep with the Duchess of the Lake who was a wonderful villain. But last fall, I just felt no motivation to read the second book, so I gave up.
I'm not sure why I thought I'd stick with Red Queen, to be honest. It was so cliche and there wasn't a single character I could've clung to.
So both these series have been removed from my TBR list.

There are a couple duologies I gave up on. They have sequels out, but I lost interest after reading the first book, even though I didn't originally think I would. I don't think I'd loved the first books as much as I thought I had. So which series fall under this category?

Then there are a couple trilogies that I read almost all of but gave up before the third book. These trilogies are:
Dorothy Must Die (the second book had major Second Book Syndrome, so I just couldn't do it anymore)
Exile (Meh. It's not like I loved this series to begin with.)
Rebel Belle (This series was just shy of being perfect for me. I just don't love paranormal stories enough to stick with this one.)

So what series have you given up on? Were they ones you planned to finish but then changed your mind about?


  1. Great post! And it's helpful, as there are several series I'm debating whether or not I'm giving up on. I think I've given up on the Dreamhouse Kings series- too weird/creepy, and I don't like the characters enough. And the Swipe Series, too much time passed between being able to read the second and third books and I just lost interest.

    One series I'm on the fence about is the Throne of Glass series. On one hand, I kind of want to find out what happens, but on the other hand . . . I like Celeana less in every book she appears in. And while I'll read a lower-quality book if it has characters I love, characters I dislike can't always be salvaged by an otherwise pretty good book.

    1. **SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ HEIR OF FIRE AND QUEEN OF SHADOWS** I liked Celaena up through the end of Heir of Fire. I appreciated the character growth she went through (and still had hope for her and Chaol). But once she was Aelin, she was awful in Queen of Shadows; she was obsessed with Rowan, and she was awful to Chaol (and Maas changed his character so radically), and she was just SO cold. I'm gonna keep up with the series because I love Dorian, Chaol, and Aedion, and I'm growing to like Lysandra and Manon. But Celaena is no longer one of my favorite characters.

  2. YESSSSSSS I won't finish Red Queen either. That one was WAY overhyped. It's an average book with a fabulous cover and nothing new to offer honestly.


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