May 5, 2016

Writing Prompt #4

I'm so excited to share another writing prompt, y'all. I haven't had much time for fiction writing this semester, and these posts have given me an opportunity to do a little at least. Today's prompt is...

Day #8: Imagine you are unable to leave the room you're in for the next seven days. Chronicle each of the seven days, using only fifty words for each.

I'm currently in my dorm room. We're going to pretend I can leave my room for the bathroom since it's literally right next door. Going out to the kitchen, though, is a no-go.

Day 1:
They told me I’d win five hundred bucks if I did this. Since I’m a broke college student, I agreed. Thankfully, I prepared and got plenty of food that won’t need to be microwaved or cooked. I’ve got a lot of homework too. This shouldn’t be too bad.

Day 2:
I haven’t seen anyone in 24 hours. I managed to finish Psych on Netflix. Homework has been slightly neglected. I miss microwave popcorn and ramen already. I plan to crank out two whole papers soon with a dance party as a break. Five and a half more days…

Day 3:
I finished one paper! After that I was mentally exhausted, so I binged the rest of Hart of Dixie and didn’t get any more homework done. Oops. Getting kind of sick of cheese and granola bars. What I wouldn’t give for a burger. Maybe I’ll write poetry for awhile…

Day 4:
I tackled a bunch of homework last night. So far today, I’ve done a major picking-up of my room and read an entire book. Did some yoga, too. The trash is starting to smell. I’m lonely. At least I have Girl Scout cookies to keep me company.

Day 5:
Is 500 bucks worth this? I’m getting cabin fever. I only have one assignment left. I’m bored of Netflix. I can’t focus on reading, even though it’s a good book. Maybe I’ll go on YouTube and teach myself cool hairstyles or play Sudoku. Exercise my brain or something.

Day 6:
Almost there! I can do this! I jogged around the room yesterday for exercise. I just started a Veronica Mars rewatch. Her dry wit will keep me going, along with a Raven Cycle series reread. Now all I need is some different food. I’m never eating cheese or hard-boiled eggs again.

Day 7:
This is the last day. I can rejoin civilization tomorrow. I’m actually looking forward to classes, work, and caf food. Shocker, right? I’m probably gonna spend a lot of time in the library for the rest of the semester. I’ve found a lot of good recipes I want to make, too.

What did you end up writing? Tell me in the comments or share it on your own blog!

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  1. This seems like a cool prompt, and I like what you wrote for it. It's nice how you're realistic about the fact that even an introvert will start to miss society (or, at least, get cabin fever after a while . . .)


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