January 19, 2018

Random Friday: Things That Make Me Laugh

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Do you have go-to things when you're feeling down that you know will make you laugh and cheer you up? Here are four things I turn to.

1. Vine comps
Vine may be gone, but its end meant that people compiled videos on Tumblr and YouTube of their favorite Vines. They get a bit repetitive, and I've seen some of my least favorite Vines too many times. BUT there are good ones, and they're great fun.

2. John Mulaney's comedy
John Mulaney is an American treasure. 

3. Good sitcoms
Looking at you, Full House and The Cosby Show. (Although I acknowledge the latter is a problematic fave now that all that stuff about Bill Cosby has come to light.)

4. History jokes
I'm a history nerd, so I love a good history joke/pun. I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to them.

So what types of things make you laugh?

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