January 1, 2018

Rewind to 2017: Best Debut Authors

Happy New Year, everyone! I couldn't resist doing another edition of the post series I've done the last few years. I've got a new post this year, combined two of them, and I've got a whole bunch of authors that should be on y'all's radar. So first up...my favorite debut authors of 2017.

1. Akemi Dawn Bowman (Starfish)
What an emotional, beautiful book filled with art and life. I loved it and can't wait for Bowman's sophomore novel, out this year!

2. Whitney Gardner (You're Welcome, Universe)
Gardner wrote a book I'm proud to recommend as a read-alike for Switched at Birth. There is so much Deaf culture in YWU, and it's awesome.

3. Katherine Webber (The Heartbeats of Wing Jones)
Katherine Webber 27835606
More than just a pretty cover, The Heartbeats of Wing Jones is a story about people, family (there's feisty grandmas, and I like them a lot), and expectations.

4. Angie Thomas (The Hate U Give)
Angie is having an epic debut year - and for good reason. The Hate U Give is eye-opening and inspirational.

5. S.K. Ali (Saints and Misfits)
Saints and Misfits is very much underrated; I've heard next to no one talking about it, and although it was a tough read at times (TW for sexual assault), it was really beautiful and such a great #ownvoices read.

6. McKelle George (Speak Easy, Speak Love)
McKelle George33640512
Not only did McKelle George write a great historical fiction retelling of Much Ado About Nothing, but she also sent out some amazing preorder swag.

7. Nic Stone (Dear Martin)
Nic Stone24974996
If you liked The Hate U Give, y'all definitely need to read Dear Martin. It was hard to read in the best way.

8. Heather Fawcett (Even the Darkest Stars)
Heather Fawcett26958226
The world needs more strong, creative fantasy books like Even the Darkest Stars.

9. Margaret Rogerson (An Enchantment of Ravens)
Margaret  Rogerson30969741
Even though I like Sarah J. Maas's books, Rogerson handled the fair folk/fae wayyyyy better. They're dark (sometimes) and creepy and super cool.

Who were your favorite debut authors of 2017?


  1. Ah cool list, Emma! It's weird that I follow all these authors on Twitter but have yet to read their books? Hahaha
    I really need to check them out :)

  2. I really need to read some of these! I got An Enchantment of Ravens from my Secret Santa, so that's probably the one I'll get to the quickest! :)

  3. ALL of these books are on my TBR and I'm honestly VERY excited for all of them. I'd say my favorite was S.A.Charaborty who's debut book is The City of Brass. I absolutely loved it :)


  4. Nice list! I have only read a few of these (THUG, Dear Martin, & An Enchantment of Ravens). An Enchantment of Ravens actually made my disappointing reads list! But the other two, I think, both made my best of list! I think my favorite debut I read in 2017 was Song of the Current by Sarah Tolcser! I loooved that book so much!


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