January 6, 2018

Rewind to 2017: What Got Me Through Life

Usually I just do this post as books that got me through life, but there was also some great music, TV shows, and movies that helped me power through this mixed bag of a year.


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All books I highly recommend.


Divide cover.png Black-and-white image of Taylor Swift with the album's name written across it
Niall Horan Flicker.png

My three favorite singers.

TV Shows

Stranger Things logo.png
(Which I've been cruising through since my plane rides at Thanksgiving.)

Gilmore girls title screen.jpg

Miraculous- Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir logo.png
(Season two isn't on Netflix yet, but shhh.)


Only one, but it's a good one...

Wonder Woman (2017 film).jpg

Were there any specific books, music, TV shows, or movies that helped you get through 2017?

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