January 2, 2018

Rewind to 2017: Reading Stats

Wondering how my 2017 reading breaks down? You're about to find out. (And I'm going to repeat a disclaimer from last year: some numbers aren't going to quite add up, and I don't want to take the time to find out why.)

Number of Books I Read
(including DNFs and [multiple] rereads)
323 books
(not including DNFs and rereads)
228 books

Number of Rereads
(including multiple rereads of the same book and rereads of a book I read for the first time in 2017)
84 books

Pages Read
(DNFs and rereads not included)
According to Goodreads... 77,228 pages. That and my overall book total are more than last year! :D

Longest and Shortest Books Read
(rereads not included)
Longest: Anna Karenina, with 894 pages
Shortest: A Room of One's Own, with 114 pages

Number of Books Acquired
(Not including e-galleys; also, I should disclose that I have sold some of the books since and traded/given away some of the ARC. Another disclosure: I didn't buy all these books; if I had, I would be sooooooo broke.)
163 books. Excuse me while I collapse from shock.

Number of Books Reviewed
61 books. Yay! That number went up from 2016, although it's still down a bit from 2015.

Number of Books Read by Diverse Author/with Diverse Characters
(This category is always a guessing game because sometimes it is unclear if a character is diverse, and authors don't always disclose personal details. [Which I'm not shaming them for; that's their choice.])
(Rereads not included; authors may be included more than once)
Authors: 53 
Books: 79

Number of Books Read by Genre
(rereads not included)
Contemporary: 81 books
Fantasy: 37 books
Historical fiction: 23 books
Science fiction: 5 books
Mystery/thriller: 8 books
Middle grade: 20 books
Memoir: 20 books
Classics: 5 books
Christian: 12 books
Other: 29 books

Number of Books Read by Rating
(rereads not included)
5 stars: 9 books (Less than last year, boo.)
4.5 stars: 3 books
4 stars: 82 books
3.5 stars: 21 books
3 stars: 83 books
2.5 stars: 4 books
2 stars: 25 books
1 star: 2 books
DNF: 11 books

Average Rating per Genre
Contemporary: 3.2 stars (Well. At least it went up a tenth of a star?)
Historical fiction: 3.2 stars (Same change as contemporary.)
Fantasy: 3.4 stars (Same amount of change as the last two genres.)
Science fiction: 2.6 stars (That one DNF really killed this average.)
Mystery/thriller: 2.75 stars
Middle grade: 3.2 stars (Stayed the same.)
Memoir: 3.1 stars
Classics: 3.6 stars (First time I'm including this category, so I'll call that rating a victory.)
Christian: 3.2 stars
Other: 3.3 stars (It went up! Yay!)

Number of Books Read by Publisher
(rereads not included)
Bloomsbury: 12 books
Canterbury Classics: 6 books
Disney-Hyperion: 6 books
HarperCollins: 53 books (HC reigns supreme again.)
Little, Brown & Co: 8 books
Macmillan: 25 books
Penguin: 34 books
Random House: 30 books
Scholastic: 4 books
Simon & Schuster: 23 books
Other: 38 books

Average Rating per Publisher
Bloomsbury: 3.7 stars
Canterbury Classics: 3.8 stars
Disney-Hyperion: 2.8 stars (A DNF killed this average.)
HarperCollins: 3.3 stars
Little, Brown & Co: 3.1 stars (Yikes, this one slipped.)
Macmillan: 3.6 stars (Up two-tenths of a star!)
Penguin: 2.9 stars (Ouch.)
Random House: 3 stars (Up seven-tenths of a star!)
Scholastic: 2.7 stars (This one dropped a whole point, wow.)
Simon & Schuster: 3.7 stars (Yay, S&S went up!)
Other: 2.7 stars (I blame all the books I had to read for school that I really didn't like.)

Books Read per Month
(DNFs and rereads included)
January: 29
February: 19
March: 20 (I like to call this, Emma got the flu over spring break and didn't feel up to reading.)
April: 29
May: 32
June: 34
July: 22 (July's usually a great reading month, but this is thanks to all the traveling I did. I didn't have much time to read.)
August: 29
September: 24
October: 25
November: 24
December: 35
For an average of...26 books. Not bad! I'd like to give a shout-out to Christmas break, when I did SO MUCH READING.

Average Rating per Month
(DNFs included, rereads not included)

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it now. 2017 was a rough reading year. Overall, my average rating was, according to Goodreads, 3.4 stars

January: 3.4 stars
February: 2.7 stars
March: 3 stars
April: 2.9 stars
May: 3.6 stars
June: 3.2 stars
July: 3 stars
August: 3.1 stars
September: 3 stars
October: 3.2 stars
November: 3.4 stars
December: 3.3 stars

Any reading stats of your own for 2017 that you want to share? How many books did you read last year? Did you meet your reading goal?


  1. Those are pretty decent stats, even if your average ratings are slipping. Do you get all of this off of Goodreads? Or do you keep track of it all in Excel or something?

    Also, I completely agree: HUZZAH CHRISTMAS BREAK. It's absolutely the best for reading because it's one of the few breaks where you don't have to do stuff for classes when you get back.

    1. I get most of the totals from my Excel spreadsheet. I've had one since 2014, although it's undergone some variations each year. I do use Goodreads for a few of the numbers (average rating, total new-to-me books read, longest and shortest books), and I go through my own blog posts too (for how many books reviewed and acquired).

      I'm proud of how many books I read this year; I just wish I liked more of them!


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