January 30, 2019

New York Adventures, Month Eight

You'll have to excuse the lack of a month seven post. December was just too busy to fit one in. But I'll definitely list stuff that happened in December here, too. :)


1. Winter 2020 launch. There'll be some good titles. They're all so far away though, lol.
2. Work holiday party and other related happenings. Authors send some pretty great food-related gifts, just saying.
3. I got to watch the ALA Youth Media Awards ceremony with Bloomsbury for the second year in a row. Lots of surprises and not-surprise winners. I was especially excited that Tiffany D. Jackson won the Steptoe Award for New Talent, Sadie won the Odyssey Award, and Darius the Great Is Not Okay won the Morris.
4. Still looking for a full-time job and hoping the right position comes along soon. :)


1. I went to Mimi Yu's launch event at Books of Wonder. This was the first event for a Bloomsbury author that I've attended since I started my internship. There was a fair turn-out, and it was fun to support The Girl King. Mimi was in conversation with Laura Sebastian, the author of the awesome Ash Princess.

2. The Epic Reads Winter Meet-Up tour happened at Books of Wonder toward the end of the month. I got to hear Evelyn Skye, Sara Holland, Ben Philippe, and Maureen Johnson all talk about their books, and then had a few signed by Maureen and Evelyn. Also, Ben is French-Canadian! Hurrah for Montreal.


1. I finally checked out One Girl Cookies in DUMBO, and they're so cute! I got four of the tea cookies; they all have cute names, but I only remember the flavors - lemon rosemary shortbread, chocolate chip, chocolate caramel layer bar, and apricot/almond. And I've gone three more times since lol and tried a couple other cookie types.
2. I got chocolates at Jacques Torres, too. ^.^
3. Back to Blue Stove, this time with Sarah. I got a mini pear ginger crisp pie, as well as a slice of quiche. And she got a mini bacon apple cheddar pie.
4. One of my friends from work and I went to this tiny Italian place in my neighborhood. It felt like such a local place, which was great. I really liked my tagliatelle with lamb rag├╣.
5. I tried a ramen place with some friends, and I spotted an actor I recognized from Come from Away while we were waiting for a table.
6. Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn - The wait was soooo long, but it was worth it. I need to go back and try the pancakes, though.
(the walnut sticky bun appetizer we were given because our wait had been longer than projected)

(the mushroom, spinach, and goat cheese scramble plus toast, hash browns, and salad)


1. I got to see Once on This Island. I'd gotten my ticket through TodayTix's Cyber Monday sale for after I got back from Christmas break, but then the producers announced the show was closing on January 6th, so TodayTix moved my ticket up to December 7th. I would've preferred a matinee, but it was such a fun show. I went into it knowing very little and was pleasantly surprised. Everyone's vocals were amazing, and my seat was right at the stage edge. I also got lots of The Little Mermaid vibes (the original Andersen tale version), which was cool. We weren't allowed to take pictures at all in the theater, otherwise I would've taken so many because it was so coooolllll.
2. Sarah, another friend, and I went to a church's holiday gala, which was held at the Brooklyn Historical Society. It was so fun to get to dress up and dance.
3. Wine and game nights with friends.


1. Nowhere. (Unless we count IKEA.) It's too darn cold. Winter is fully here.

What were y'all up to in December and January? Any tips for things to do that will keep me inside?

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