January 11, 2019

Random Friday: New-to-Me Authors in 2018

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I don't think I read quite as many new-to-me authors in 2018, but I'm gonna list my faves nonetheless!

1. Kate Messner
Not quite a newbie (I'd read and liked The Seventh Wish a few years ago), but I read more of her backlist (and frontlist cause Breakout is awesome) while interning at Bloomsbury.

2. Maureen Johnson
I loved Truly Devious, so I'm definitely going to be watching what she writes from now on. And I guess I should tackle her backlist now, too.

3. Elissa Brent Weissman
Oh, The Length of a String was so beautiful and heartbreaking.

Who were some of your favorite 2018 authors, new to you or not?

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