January 17, 2019

Why I Love Truly Devious

In preparation for the release of The Vanishing Stair in just a few days, I'm going to list a few reasons why I love the first book in the trilogy.

1. The mystery
I read a lot of contemporary and historical fiction but, at my core, I love a good mystery. I love wondering whodunnit and examining all the little clues. And, because this is a trilogy, it's not so easily solved.

2. The extraordinariness and ordinariness of the characters
All the students at Ellingham want to do something special, so they're all very quirky and gifted. At the same time, they do very normal teenager-y things and have moments where they act like very normal people. It's a great balance.

3. The pacing
Truly Devious never felt slow, but it didn't rush to the end either. Because this is a trilogy, it's like act one...except there's definitely plot points resolved within this first book. At the same time, it never felt too long.

4. Stevie's anxiety
The main character, Stevie, has anxiety, and it pops up in such normal ways. Plus, it's nice to see the protagonist of a mystery novel not be so uber confident about everything.

So, if you love a good mystery with an epically mysterious setting, you need to read Truly Devious and book two in the series, The Vanishing Stair, ASAP!

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