January 25, 2019

Random Friday: Comfort Foods

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One of the most fascinating things is comfort food. There are often cultural standards and then also personal preferences. For example, I feel like a lot of Americans consider macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, cookies, and grilled cheese to be comfort foods. But of course, that could also be based on where I grew up.

For today's post, I'm going to list my personal choices when it comes to comfort food.

1. Tacos
But only if they're my family's recipe.

Image credit.
2. Donuts
Glazed cake donuts are my favorite, and The Doughnut Pub in Chelsea makes some of the best. They're classic and home-y.

3. Peaches
Peaches are absolutely one of my favorite fruits, but really, they have to be fresh because canned ones can't compare.

4. Pie
Pie is better than cake. End of story.

5. Waffles
And waffles far outweigh any other breakfast food.

What are your comfort food picks?

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1 comment:

  1. I totally agree with tacos and donuts! And I would add ice cream, which is my favorite comfort food. :)


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