May 29, 2019

New York Adventures, the Last Month

This is a bittersweet post. I always assumed I'd probably stop them after I reached the one-year marker, but I was hoping it wouldn't be because I was leaving New York. Alas. 


1. Last few weeks of work. I tied up some loose ends and hopefully the next intern won't be too overwhelmed when they start.
2. On my last night, I went out for empanadas with several of the other interns, which was special.


1. Had my last trips to Books of Wonder and the Strand and bought three books, all lovely contemporary YA picks.
2. We renewed my NYPL card, so guess who's gonna be able to maintain access to so many e-books??


1. Maman has new waffles, which I was a little sad about because I loved the lavender cornmeal waffles. But I tried the new ones, which come with coffee butter, banana whipped cream, almond brittle, and what my friend and I decided were little bits of chocolate.

2. Sarah and I went to Smorgasburg! I so wish we'd had room to try more foods (specifically some fried chicken, egg waffles, poutine [I want to know how it compares to poutine in Quebec], and Japanese-style pancakes), but we had fun all the same and ate so many carbs lol. Pics with captions below.

Boston Cream Pie donut and butternut squash donut (the latter of which was Sarah's)

Vermont maple syrup lemonade (some of the best lemonade I've ever had) and frites with lemon garlic aioli

Bao (two pork, one lamb, one beef) and mint chocolate chip ice cream with Italian meringue

3. I don't know why I didn't try it sooner, but there's a deli in Brooklyn founded by Montreal ex-pats, and it has poutine!
4. My family and I went to Watty & Meg in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, and I loved it. It was so neighborhood-y, and I shared salmon with my mom and roasted chicken and a short stack of these, like, savory pancakes with my dad, and then we got blueberry-peach crumble for dessert.
5. I also went to Cava for the first time ever, and went again later that week lol. There was a location right downstairs from my office, and I wish I'd known it was Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food sooner. So good.
6. An adorable neighborhood Italian place in Prospect/Crown Heights, Brooklyn called Cent'Anni. I got homemade pasta, and my mom and I shared crostini appetizers.

7. Went to Friend of a Farmer again, and had the blueberry pancakes this time. They're all so good. I'd love to try the waffles soon.

8. AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar with my mom as a belated Mother's Day treat:

9. The big event on Monday was a food tour in Greenwich Village. We tried...Joe's Pizza, olive oil on bread, truffle oil and salt on popcorn, balsamic vinegar, arancini (deep-fried balls of rice and cheese), meatballs, eggplant rollatini, donuts, cheese, and cannoli. We also got a bite-sized lesson on the history of the Village and saw some cool sites, including where they took the exterior shot for the apartment from Friends. Here's a sampling of pictures: 

10. And then we went to Bubby's for our last brunch. Their pancakes really do live up to the hype.


1. We saw My Fair Lady. Laura Benanti is a treat.
2. My mom wanted to see Kiss Me, Kate, so we went to that our last night in town. I also tried one of the specialty cocktails. It had sparkling wine and lots of fruity and herbal flavors.


1. I went back to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and it's so lovely in springtime! The cherry blossom festival was the weekend before, and all the trees were still in bloom. It was a wonderful experience.

2. Our Airbnb was out in Crown Heights, so I got to see a different, diverse part of Brooklyn.
3. Mom and I went to the UWS and the Museum of Natural History for a bit on Sunday. The museum has an app which you can use to help you customize what you want to see, so we made sure to hit the Night at the Museum highlights. The hall of gems was closed though, which is one of the things I would've enjoyed, so we mostly saw LOTS of animals.
4. We ventured down to Battery Park on Tuesday, and we visited the Irish Hunger Memorial, which is very unique.

Maybe I'll have to start posting about my RVA adventures...

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