May 9, 2019

Things I Miss About College

It's been a little over a year since I graduated, and while in general, I'm glad to be done with school, there are a few things I miss...

1. Meals
As much as the caf food sucked sometimes (ok, most of the time), it was nice to have at least one meal a day already/mostly prepared, instead of having to bring lunch and prep dinner (or make it ahead of time every weekend).

2. Proximity to friends
Because I went to a private university, most of the students were from all over the country. I haven't seen most of my best friends in about a year. We FaceTime occasionally, but that's hardly the same when I was used to seeing them almost every day for four years.

3. Professors
Barring one, I had some really great professors in the English, history, and theology departments, and they invested in me and wanted to know about my interests and life beyond the assignments they gave me.

4. Raspberry hot chocolate
Starbucks can't make it like the Hiccup did.

5. Not having to dress super professional
Not that I have to wear suits every day now, but I miss being able to wear long-sleeved/short-sleeved tees and tank tops with my jeans. I didn't really ever wear sweatpants to class, but it's not fun always having to dress at least business casual.

6. My single room
It was tiny, but I definitely miss having my own space. I didn't have to deal with snoring roommates, and roommates who thought it was okay to blow-dry their hair in our dorm room when I was still asleep. (Ok, that one was during college. But still.)

7. Lower grocery prices
Ok, this is more of a Kentucky thing, but STILL. I'm used to a life where Trader Joe's was the expensive option. Now, somehow here, it's the cheapest grocery store!

Of course I enjoy my life now. I love that I'm so close to so many things, and I'm not reliant on someone with a car. There are more activities. There's diversity. (Kentucky and my college are super white.) And I'm getting to pursue my career dreams. So while I miss things about college, I'm also not sure I'd go back.

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