January 22, 2015

Winter/Spring 2015 Classes

It's time for me to talk about the classes I'm taking this semester! Originally, I was going to be taking 18 credits but then I found a job, so I dropped to 15. I searched for 1 or 2-credit courses that I wanted/needed to take, but none were offered or they were all full. So without further ado...

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I have...

Literature and Culture
The required literature course for everyone. I chose the prof who seems to be the hardest, but she's very passionate and challenging in a good way. Plus, she was the only one who chose a few books that didn't seem overly boring. (That is, she chose Persuasion and The Tempest as opposed to The Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Portable Dante.) I'm going to have to do a presentation at some point, but thankfully, I'll be doing it during the unit on Persuasion.

French II
I somehow tested out of French I during orientation week, so I didn't have to take a foreign language last semester. I tried to review as much of French I as I could over Christmas break. Since classes started last week, I'm already feeling like my brain is going to explode. Clearly, I need to step up my review.

Western Civilization II
The class I've chosen for the required history course. I had the choice between the two main history profs, and I've had friends who've had both. I chose the one who is reportedly less crazy, and I think I've chosen a good prof. He's passionate about history and very funny.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have...

Intro to Communications
Blech. I hate that I have to take a communications course, especially since it's primarily speeches and I hate, hate, hate public speaking. Thank the Lord my roommate is in the class with me. The prof seems pretty nice, though.

Art History Survey II
Preferable to Art History Survey I since this one covers Renaissance to the present, which means the Impressionists will be covered. It will fulfill my fine arts requirement. It also seems like a ton of work, which I'm not looking forward to.

So as you can see, I'm taking all gen eds this semester. How exciting... I'm hoping to get a couple of online summer courses in and do a couple CLEP tests so I can get mostly major and minor classes next semester. Here's hoping!

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