April 7, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Want to Revisit

You know those characters you're reluctant to let go of when the book/series is over? That's what this week's topic is devoted to. The ten-ish characters listed below are ones I want to revisit, whether it's just another book in their series or a sequel or a novella or a whole new series about them.

1. The Mother-Daughter Book Club girls (from The Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick)
Heather has said there will be a seventh book, so I'm holding out for that. The series ended when the girls were sophomores and I'm kind of bummed we didn't get to see them finish high school.

2. The American Girls (at least, all the classics)
I want to revisit all the girls when they're teenagers or adults! Imagine Felicity dealing with a newly-formed nation, or Samantha going through World War I, or Kit going through World War II.

3. Isi, Enna, Razo, and Rin (from The Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale)
This is a series that could always use more books. They're all complete novels with new protagonists each time and new plot lines, and I think the world Shannon Hale has created holds a lot more stories.

4. Addie, Laila, Trevor, and Connor (from the Pivot Point duology by Kasie West)
I love that it was a duology but I really want to revisit these characters, particularly Addie and Trevor. *swoons*

5. Devorah (from Like No Other by Una LaMarche)
I know Like No Other had a bit of an epilogue but I kind of want to get a longer story about how Devorah is doing after the events of the book.

6. The At Somerton characters (from the At Somerton trilogy by Leila Rasheed)
I was so not ready for the At Somerton trilogy to end, particularly since the last book is only available as an e-book. (Can they print a copy just for me, please? Since this is such a YA Downton Abbey to me, I want more of the story and characters. 

7. Reagan and Matt (from Open Road Summer by Emery Lord)
Now hear me out. I don't want a whole book about them again (ORS is enough), but I'd love a novella. And for that matter, I need a novella about Paige and Max after The Start of Me and You.

8. Betsy and Joe (from the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace)
Gah, that conclusion was so unfinished to me. I really just need an epilogue or something. Do they ever have kids? Does Betsy ever get a book published? These are the questions that have been lingering in my mind for years.

9. Kat and her crew (from the Heist Society series by Ally Carter)
Ally has said she's open to writing more of the series, and there is a fourth book listed on Goodreads (with no release date, but still). I love the Heist Society series so much and I can't wait for more of their adventures.

10. Caddie Finn (from Don't Touch by Rachel M. Wilson)
Once again, this is a book where I don't need a full sequel*. I'd just like a novella or two to let me know that Caddie is doing okay, and she and Peter are all hunky-dory (wow, I sound so old when I say that). And more Shakespeare, please!
*Another book by Wilson that incorporates Shakespeare will be enough for me.


  1. totally agree with the Heist Society one! i loved those books and Kat is awesome! great list this week Emma!

  2. AHHH yessss!! This post tugged on my heartstrings a little. I miss these characters so much.

  3. I've read and re-read all the Betsy-Tacy books! I have such a crush on Joe. ;) I'd love to check in with them, too. Great list, Emma!

  4. We definately need more of Emma, Cassidy, Becca, Jess, and Megan.


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