April 26, 2015

Rewind to 2014: Favorite Blog Posts

I've really loved looking back at 2014 these last few months. I'm moving forward but there were so many things I didn't get to talk about. So far, I've been able to cover my favorite debut authors, my reading stats, and all the books I acquired. This time, I'm going to talk about my favorite blog posts - both those that I wrote and those that other bloggers posted.

My Blog Posts

January: "Girly" Books for Manly Guys (a topic near and dear to my heart)
February: Fifteen 2015 Reads (the first in a series that has led to a Sixteen 2016 Reads series as well)
April: Random Friday: Bookstores (Kate and I filmed a trip to Barnes & Noble)
May: Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Want to Hang Out With (this list has probably doubled in the last 11 months)
June: Fifteen More 2015 Reads (the second post in the series)
July: Interview with Sara Raasch (I hadn't done an author interview in quite awhile, and this one was so much fun)
August: Review: Heir of Fire (I wasn't really going to include any reviews, but I love my use of my tweets in this one)
October: When Life Plans Change (a more personal post)
A Bookish Swiftie's Recommendations (the first of a series and so fun to write)
You Might Be a Book Blogger (I had so much fun putting together this post)
November: 1989 ~ Thoughts on Taylor's New Album (I reviewed something other than a book!)
December: Merry Christmas to the Book Characters - a Sequel (I love "gifting" books to characters)
If You Take Me to a Bookstore (it's quite the adventure)

Others' Posts

The Seven Stages of ARCs on On Starships and Dragonwings (lots of fun and definitely the truth)
Diverse Books - What Can You Do? on Shae Has Left the Room (a very important post)
Review: Like No Other on Queen Ella Bee Reads (Gaby has a new blog now, but this was such a great review about a great, important book)
I Got the Message Loud & Clear: Reading Isn't Cool on The Perpetual Page-Turner (LOVED this post)
My Bookshelf Calms Me Down When I'm Emotional on Lili's Reflection (I love more personal posts like this)

There were several more blog posts by other bloggers that I enjoyed last year so there's no way this list is comprehensive. What blog posts of mine did you enjoy in 2014? And what posts by other bloggers did you like?

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